Thursday, July 16, 2015

Photoblog: Long Exposure at Peterborough Fair

O.k, so the words "exposure" and "Peterborough Fair" appearing in the same sentence sounds like a recipe for a failed DBS check, but rest assured the only exposure I'm talking about here involves a lengthy shutter speed. Another trip with my photobuddy* Neil, this time we headed off to a dark, secluded hillside together with our cameras and took pictures of people enjoying themselves very slowly. A couple of his, as usual, far more accomplished pics are here.

I think it's important to note that, yet again, I forgot to take an SD card with any space on it, so I was frantically deleting old images before I was able to take any more. Luckily enough, though, it didn't continue for too long because I had also forgotten to charge my camera.

More shiny!
It was quite difficult to catch these two rides spinning all the way round at the same time. When they did, they looked like massive lollipops. Here, one looks like a massive lollipop and the other looks like some sort of amulet. If you squint.

Here we see Peterborough Cathedral queueing patiently for its go on the inflatable slidey thing. I quite like the effect of the street light, but at the same time I was tempted to shoot it out so I could get a better shot of the Cathedral. That's acceptable, right?

Look carefully...
Last but not least, an extended bout of shutter-opening is never complete without taking a turn for the spooky. After uploading this shot to my computer and fiddling with light levels I noticed this long-dead pair waiting for a bus that was never to arrive**.

The rest, such as they are, can be viewed on my Flickr profile.

* Not just a photobuddy; we're other buddies too: he's also a daughterdestroysmymegabloxdragonbuddy, but photobuddy is more relevant here.
** Or I wandered into my camera's field of view and posed for a bit to see what happened.